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The market nowadays is rich in baby swing styles but it is very difficult to point out all brilliant features of the equipment at the very first sight. Therefore, when parents come to the stores to choose one swing, they often have to check it fully with all the details. There are also cases that parents like one item but they have to go from this shop to the other shop to look for it with a view to finding out the perfect. It is because in each store, the quality of the same item is different.

In addition, we usually forget about one or some factors that have to be checked. Thus, in this article, I want to emphasize some most noticeable features of best baby swing for sleeping and playing.

  1. Safe and durable material

In terms of swing materials, we often mention wood/ metal and the paint layer. These materials are analyzed and chosen as the following instructions:

  • Light

A light baby swing is more favored than a heavy one on the grounds that people also wish to take the swing everywhere they want. As mentioned, there are wood and metal to be the most common.

  • Wood material

As babies need to be kept safe, natural wood is used, instead of processed and industrial wood. Wood material has moderate weight. But sometimes, good wood material is quite heavy. Even though this is the safest material, its weight has not been satisfied buyers.

It is very clear to say that swinging with all the points above will make every baby satisfied.

  • Metal material

Metal, mainly iron is light and durable enough for your babies. It also gives flexibility and safety to them. Metal is easier to be processed, especially in producing a movable or foldable swing.

  • Paint layer

Paint is utilized to cover raw material (wood and metal) before the product is brought to the market.

The paint should have these two characteristics:

  • Unleaded

Leaded paint will worsen babies’ health in many ways. Firstly, when babies breathe, they will absorb the lead atoms and digest them by chance. Secondly, babies touch the swing frame and these atoms will come into babies’ bodies through their skin.

Therefore, the paint must be unleaded to prevent dangerous diseases related to lead.

  • Anti – rust

As usual, cheap paint is rusted very quickly as it is easily affected by the weather condition and the access to the air. Anti – rust paint layer will help increase the longevity of baby swing.

  1. Smooth motor

Motor that runs smoothly will cause no interruption during swinging. Our babies will experience a good sleep with continuous low speed.

In addition, a smooth motor has no noise which may wake up our babies while they are deeply sleeping.

  1. Unique designs

Babies are very responsive to colors and everything eye – catching. Therefore, they need something to provoke their mind. Wise customers will choose the designs which have a lot of factors helping their babies develop their brain. Here they are.

  • Colors

Colors of the swing should be attractive, bright and appropriate with the age of your babies. Do not choose colors that are too dark or too shiny, all of which cause eye pain for babies. Recommended babies are blue, red, gray, pink, white or orange.

  • Shape

Swings shaped will be favored by babies. Shapes are different for baby girls and baby boys. More specific, swings with car shape, horse shape or ship shape are attractive to baby boys while baby girls seem to prefer house shapes.

  • Decorative patterns

For almost all swings, there have no patterns on the frames. However, there can have some decorative patterns such as pictures, flowers, kitty cat shapes and so on.

Moreover, the airiness of the swing is also very important to make our babies comfortable in the summer. If they produce much sweat, airy cloth of swing seat will help to remove sweat smell. Large seat also creates more comfort.

These noticeable features will make up a perfect swing for your babies, especially when they are improving their neuron system. I hope this will help you choose the swing easily.