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Have you prepared fully caring products for your twin? Have you considered a soft and convenient swing? Twin babies have a lot of special similarities that require your sensitivity in choosing utensils for them. In general, there are just some few points you have to take notice of when taking care of twin babies. Almost all steps are as the same as looking after single baby.

Sleeping is still of the most importance and a best baby swing for twin can improve their sleep every day. To buy a convenient swing, you can consider our instructions bellow about 10 related factors.

baby nice

How many seats are there?

Twin babies are mostly akin and they often require same types of clothes and utensils. In fact, you can change this if you want them to be different from each other.

In terms of swing seat, space for twin will have to double and there are two ways for you to consider:

  • Two separate seats

A swing can have two seats in the same frame. They are placed next to each other. Or you can have two different swings.

For using two swings, sometimes, you may be confused as you have to turn the motor on twice. It will be more confusing when your twins are crying.

  • One seat with doubled space

There are also the swings that have large space enough for twins. However, in some cases, if there is not belt to keep them, your babies will put their hands or legs on chest or stomach of the other during sleeping.

It is really convenient when the swing seat is wide and long so that the distance between two babies is far enough.

The usability of twin swing

The usability of a swing for twin depends on the variety of swing functions and the material.

  • Function variety

The twin swing will become more convenient when it has more various utilities. Babies will also develop equally if they are served similarly. Here are some functions of a twin swing that show its usability:

  • Swing front to back, instead of swinging side to side (for a swing with two seats) so that two seats cannot crash into each other.
  • Have slight swing mode as strong swinging will make babies leave their positions and occupy other’s space.
  • Have vibration choice to massage your twins, instead of mothers’ back rub.
  • Side functions are to help babies play together docilely.


  • Material


Metal is used to make swing for twin frames as it is much more flexible. Wooden is often used to make swings that have flat seats while concave seats are more popular in baby swing for twins.

The most important material is swing seat cloth. It is often large and thick in two sides and thinner in the concave position so that our newborn twins cannot roll side to side.

The cloth covering should be cotton 100 percent to insure the airiness and absorbance. Even in the winter, when sleeping in the swing, your babies will generate much sweat. If the cloth is not sweat absorbent, babies will feel irritated due to their wet back and head.

Check the concavity

Concavity means the ability to be pushed down of the swing seat. Nowadays, parents are more concerned about concave seats than flat ones on the grounds that concavity can lessen the irritation if babies lie for too long.

Nonetheless, too concave seats can lead to some deformation as bellow:

  • Curvature in spine: if babies only lie in their back, concave seat makes their spine curve with the same concavity
  • Longer upper body and shorter lower body: the swing seat is only sunken from the hip position of babies. Therefore, your babies tend to develop their upper bodies more quickly than lower parts.
  • Two curved seats also make babies’ stomach irritated


  1. The size of swing

The size of swing for twin does not need to be too large. As usual, twins only sleep on the swing when they are under 2 years. After that they move to use crib or bed, instead.

Each newborn baby will occupy about 60 x 100 centimeter. It means that one swing seat is of equivalent size. Firstly, choosing swing size depends on the weight and assizes of your twins. Secondly, it relies on the room space and how you arrange all the furniture.

  1. Smart design

You had better look for a twin swing that has some following design features:

  • Two floors (for wooden swings) so that the below one can be useful in storing some diapers
  • Have an absorbent cotton layer so that if your babies take a pee, it can absorb and be dry more quickly.
  • Stationary swings may be more appropriate for twins as they can play together, instead of bringing the two swings outside.
  • As usual, the swing seats are considerably above the frame and joints so your babies will not touch the edges.


  1. Safe belts

As usual, almost all swings have belts to keep babies’ stomach (side to side belt) but sometimes, it is inconvenient. In case your babies are full after eating and the belt is to tight, even you have loosen it, your babies will have a colic.

Some swings have smarter belt that is a curved cloth from the back and hip to the front. This will make your babies more comfortable as they can twist to the left or right easily.

  1. Toys for twins

Finally, twin babies will become very intelligent if you know how to choose toys for them. Mothers and fathers often teach their twins number or alphabet first. They also create pictures of familiar objects then other ones which stimulate their neurons. In addition to toys related to numerals, I also recommend some toys for educational entertain such as trees, friend toys and animals.

When you can cover almost all these factors, you will be able to choose the best swing for your twin babies.